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Mars, 2323 AD.

Governor Jakar Nilson suddenly goes rogue and threatens the entire universe with a weapon of mass destruction, the necro-doomizer.

Cyborg Force is a "run & gun" action game in development primarily for the Neo Geo. It features 5 levels (divided into 2 sub-levels + 1 boss level), 2 player co-op, and aims to reproduce the 1990s arcade feel we love. We do intend a physical release :)

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AuthorsOzzyOuzo, Johnny16bit
Tags16-bit, contra, neogeo, Retro

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oh man the music is epic!


Thank you very much for your video! ;-)  more games to come from us for the PSP !! in 2024!! :)

looking very much forward to :) 

Hi, are you going to sell a full digital version or only on romstick ?

The full digital version will go on sale as soon as pre-orders are shipped.

Nice, thanks, will it include all the content of the romstick ? do you have an idea of the price point ?

it should be around 20-25 and roms could also be sold separately for less than that as well... to be confirmed later on. 

Seems perfect, I want the full package, 20/25 is a good price point. Thanks a lot for the answers, wish you the best.

Thank you :)

Excellent project :)
I will stand to try your first demo, thanks

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hey! join our discord to get all notifications early on ;-)

Will look forward to seeing how this progresses :)

Count me in for an MVS cartridge!

Looks great. Can't wait to see more...